Rocks & Boulders

We extract many styles and size of stone from our various quarries in the four corners region.


From our quarry in Northern New Mexico, we extract angled stone that range from small stepping stones to retaining wall stone to large boulders. This natural, angular stone comes in all different sizes.


In our quarry in Southwest Colorado, we provide our Blue/Grey Granite stone.  Sizes vary from 12" nominal to 4'+/-


We also provide River Boulders up to 36".


These rocks can be used for building:

  • retaining walls
  • landscaping features
  • water sculptures
  • riprap
  • benches
  • barriers


We also offer rip rap (the small pieces that are left over from quarrying) that’s great for preventing erosion, wherever water flows. Uses of rip rap include:
• lining water channels
• outlets on culverts
• footing on bridges


We’re happy to provide free estimates on rocks and boulders for all types of jobs and projects.


Click here to read our specific gravity report.


Click here for information on the LA Abrasion (A) report or the LA Abrasion (B) report.


For more information on rocks and boulders or sand and top soils, please call (970) 247-0886.


We can deliver our stone products (rocks and boulders) anywhere in the U.S., including the counties in the Four Corners region: San Juan, Montezuma, Archuleta, and La Plata.